A quick, context-based customer support

We help you to provide all the support your customers need, no more than a click away from them

Don’t let your customers waiting for support

Integrate all your support content within your product in a few minutes, enabling immediate solutions whenever they need it. Fewer open tickets lead to fewer generic responses and more personal interactions.

Keep track of all unanswered questions

Knowing which terms are not returning results, you can easily build the content your customers need. To help you set priorities, you can see not only the terms itself but also how popular they are.

Context-based articles

Recommend articles based on your customer's experience with your product. You'll not only be able to quickly provide answers to common questions but also to help then exploring all the benefits of your product.

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HTTPS by default

Using a your own domain or not, all our communication happens through encrypted connections.

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Widget actions

You can interact with the widget programmatically to navigate through your whole knowledge base.

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Invite your team

Two heads are better than one. Get your teammates on board to build top-notch content at a way faster pace.

A modern knowledge base to call your own

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Simple and affordable pricing to help you get started and that won't break the bank as your team grows




  • Unlimited articles
  • Widget customization
  • Email notifications
  • 1 knowledge base




  • Analytics ?
  • Custom domain
  • Team management
  • KB customization
  • + all free features